Innovative Electronics Recycling

A cleaner environment. A stronger workforce.

Exceeding Expectations Through Responsible Recycling.

RecycleForce is a 501(c)3 social enterprise delivering comprehensive and innovative recycling services in support of workforce training, development and job placement for formerly incarcerated men and women transitioning back to society. 

Environmentally Sound

E-waste simply can’t be tossed in a landfill. In fact, state law requires the safe disposal of e-waste because these products contain hazardous elements that can cause real and lasting damage to our natural environment and public health.

Since 2006, RecycleForce has safely recycled more than 65 million pounds of electronic waste.

Secure Destruction

RecycleForce delivers brand and asset protection through certified assured destruction with a scalable and on-demand labor force providing manual de-packaging, manual de-manufacturing and mechanized shred. RecycleForce provides consumers and businesses with secure end-of-life processing of retiring IT equipment, recalled, overstock and damaged retail electronics and medical equipment.


R2 Certified ID 1009502
RIOS Certified (Recycling Industry Operating Standard) ID 1009503
Indiana E-Waste Registered Recycler ID 49-01EW
Universal Waste Handler EPA Registration ID #NR000134148

Why RecycleForce?

RecycleForce creates a stronger civil society and increases public safety through job creation and recycling.

RecycleForce is dedicated to developing and implementing effective strategies to reduce recidivism while improving the environment, local and state economies and communities and the lives of hundreds of formerly incarcerated men and women and their families.

Our Social Mission

A cleaner environment. A stronger workforce.

RecycleForce, a 501(c)3 organization, is a social enterprise offering some of the most comprehensive and innovative recycling services around while providing life-changing workforce training to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Using the revenue generated by its recycling business, RecycleForce is helping formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives by providing gainful employment and comprehensive social services.

More About Our Social Mission

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Support RecycleForce by making an online donation. Your financial contribution will allow us to continue our environmental mission and provide job training and life skills to ex-offenders, helping them become self-sufficient and successful.

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