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Opportunity Knocks for RecycleForce Employees

Sep 18th, 2015 • Success Stories

Guest blog by RecycleForce employee Karen Hill

As a new addition to the RecycleForce Family, Mr. Milton Horton is hard at work to regain his life after a recent incarceration. Currently at the Duvall Work Release Center for men, Mr. Horton is striving to prepare for his December 2015 release by interviewing for a full-time position outside of RecycleForce. “I worked with Calvin Houston to update my resume,” said Horton. “I feel that Mr. Houston and the team are great motivators.”

When asked how his opportunity at RecycleForce has given him a second chance Mr. Horton smiled and said, “I now have my forklift operator license, OSHA training, assistance with my driver’s license renewal and options for housing. I appreciate Mr. Keesling helping ex-offenders re-enter society.”

I began my employment the same day as Mr. Horton and through the dust and debris in the warehouse I have seen lots of smiles. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to gain skills that help me in the business world as I move forward in my new life. The knowledge and resources available to the RecycleForce employees are more meaningful than dollar signs. I’m receiving more opportunities here than most Indianapolis companies would offer individuals with barriers.

Opportunity has knocked for me as well; I began disassembling electronic recyclables myself and have now advanced to receptionist duties. I get to work closely with the EARS office and personnel so I see firsthand the difference they make in everyone’s lives. I may not like everything I have to encounter in my journey, but with the encouragement and support  RecycleForce offers I am well on my way to fulfilling my own dreams of finding full-time employment, graduating college and home ownership. I don’t know where I would be right now if it were not for the donations and grants that keep our program running.

Thank you RecycleForce!