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Where Do I Begin

Dec 28th, 2015 • Success Stories

*Guest post by Nikki Hart

In the last year I have been so blessed with so many amazing opportunities. I was at a crossroads where I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to make it on my own and convinced myself of that. I didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, but through my faith in the Lord, he has proven to me how worthy I am of his love.

Having grown up pretty much on my own since the age 13 when my parents died, all I have is myself to count on. I’ve made it through domestic violence, my kids being taken away and having my whole life ripped away from me. Through all of that, it broke me down to the depths of my soul and put me in a humble place to take heed of what was going on in my life. With the help of my therapist, Al-Anon sponsor, trusted mentor, several other programs and RecycleForce, I am living the dream.

I’ve been given so much help with the things I’ve been going through. Here a year later I am giving back what I’ve been given and am able to help others. Last night my three year old son was up sick; we were up until 4:30 in the morning, I had puke on the floor in four different places; puke in my bed and on the bathroom floor. He was running a temperature and that kept me from being able to take him to daycare, I couldn’t afford to take off work because I’m saving for an apartment that I will be moving to in 20 days. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my supervisor and asked if I could bring my son to work with me. There was no hesitation – the answer was yes.

No other place would allow you to take your kids into work. I am very fortunate that I have found this wonderful family. They have helped me so much. Starting first thing in the morning every day, we have morning group. I spoke to a room full of men and women and told them my story. I admitted for the first time that I am a domestic violence victim. That was huge for me; it was the start of breaking my walls down. The more I told my story to the people that walked through these doors the stronger I was able to become. They believed in me when I wasn’t so sure of myself and offered me help with anything I needed.

Since starting here I have gained custody back of my child. RecycleForce showed up for me in court and told the judge what a good job I’ve been doing and that they are keeping me on here. This is a four month program; I did my job and they see that in me. Now I have a job which means I will be able to afford an apartment for my son and I. I don’t have anyone out there to help me; it’s just me and my three year old son. RecycleForce welcomed me with open arms, put me in a position to show my abilities and guaranteed a spot for me so that I can keep a roof over my son and I’s head. I could never thank them enough for what they’ve done for me. I am truly grateful that God put RecycleForce as part of my journey. I am nothing but blessed!