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Benjamin Young, Man of Steel

Jan 7th, 2016 • Success Stories

This is the best place I’ve ever worked for, hands down, no question. Everybody here is my friend, it’s like they’re my family. January 9 will mark three years here. Through that time, I’ve accomplished so many things like getting my license back, staying out of jail and my wife and I just closed on buying a new home. It’s just great.

The peer to peer mentoring system really works. One of my mentors is Mr. Alexander. Whenever I feel low, Mr. Alexander always has something thought-provoking to say that gets me going. Preach’s mantra that work is therapy is really true. I feel like when I’m working I can just vent and work everything out. You come to work and go hard. They call me the Man of Steel here since I run the steel truck, and I’m the supervisor of sorting. They blessed me with a good team and I work with some good people.

When people get out of prison, it’s hard to get a job, it’s like they smell the prison on you and don’t want to give you a job. Mr. Keesling just opens the door for you and welcomes you in. They helped me with my bills and have helped numerous people with apartments. I still see a lot of people that were in the program from 120 days and they moved on, and they still have their apartments. It’s a launching pad for anyone coming out of prison that wants to better themselves.