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Meet Mr. Robinson

Mar 10th, 2016 • People, Success Stories

RecycleForce employees receive training to not only work in our facility, but also they earn certifications that can help them obtain jobs with other companies around the city. One of the partnerships RecycleForce has is with Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW).

One RecycleForce employee, Justin Robinson, has proven that dedication and hard work can open up doors after incarceration that will help him succeed in the future. Mr. Robinson has been working with DPW for about one month now. He comes to RecycleForce out of work release, but when DPW needs help he’s one of the RecycleForce employees they consistently request. “There have been times when I only worked at RecycleForce once a week and at DPW the rest of the time,” said Robinson. “They call and say they need some guys, and a few of us had the opportunity to go out there. I went out there and showed up and showed out, and now they’re always asking for me.”

Mr. Robinson has one month left in work release and is hoping to get a full-time job with DPW. He’s also looking into going back to school. Throughout his time working at RecycleForce, he has earned ten certifications including his forklift license and his Slip Trip and Fall certification. That certification came in handy for Mr. Robinson when DPW called needing an employee that already had a Slip Trip and Fall certification. Thanks to his training and being certified, he was picked for the job which was a stepping stone to future DPW work.

In addition to earning licenses and certification, Mr. Robinson has stayed current in paying his child support and has been active in his child’s life. “RecycleForce has really helped me prosper with what they offer. You just have to want to help yourself and utilize it.”

While at RecycleForce, Mr. Robinson works on breaking down electronics, separating the parts and sending them to be sorted for precious metals. “Mr. Robinson has the right attitude to rebuild his life after a period of incarceration,” said RecycleForce Special Project Manager John Reichard. “He does not look at problems as obstacles. Instead, he sees each challenge as an opportunity to find a way to be successful. He is doing a great job for himself, his family and the community. The RecycleForce family is very proud of Mr. Robinson.”

Not only does RecycleForce help Indianapolis achieve a cleaner environment, but it gives people a second chance at life. Many people label those that have been previously incarcerated, but at RecycleForce we recycle people as well as electronics. “I’ve met quite a few good people here and a lot of us have been given opportunities that wouldn’t have come about if it weren’t for RecycleForce,” said Robinson. “It’s a great program. I feel fortunate and I’m glad I got the opportunity to come up here and be part of it.”

While Mr. Robinson was incarcerated, he came across an issue of Indianapolis Monthly titled Under the Gun (February 2015). “After reading through it, I felt blessed to be incarcerated that day instead of one of the articles in the magazine, because a lot of people I knew were falling victim to homicide or committing homicide.”
After reading the article, he was encouraged to write his own piece, which he titled Under the Gun.

Under the Gun

Drugs fuel our bodies, murder controls our minds,
My city under the gun, my children exposed to crime.
I’ve experienced loss of life and loss of time,
Detectives telling mothers not to cross the yellow line.
We pray to God overlook hoping all will be fine,
Through the upstairs window hear shots from a nine.
Blood stains the streets like drops of red wine,
Rest in peace the city coroner’s display shines.
Of deceased victims that will one day rise,
Will I be a statistic of my destiny’s demise?
My words’ explicit so I have to advise,
You use caution when hearing these cries.
My words are to as well to the wise,
Under the gun I might one day die.