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A Letter from RecycleForce Board Chair Doran Moreland

Dec 21st, 2017 • RecycleForce News


‘Tis the season for family gatherings and for reflecting on the past year. At RecycleForce, we have had a great year but not without some challenges. Like most nonprofit organizations, we operate within a tight budget and we are constantly exploring funding opportunities that align with our mission, as well as working with partner organizations to build mutually beneficial relationships and sustainable sources of funding.

In 2017, RecycleForce moved to a new temporary location. Our new base of operations is well suited for our e-waste recycling work and our formally incarcerated employees continue to work and recycle old electronic devices and components to ensure that toxic chemicals aren’t entering our waterways and soil. 

Our RecycleForce team continues to work with our employees to help them achieve a variety of workplace certifications and a High School Equivalency. We are making great strides in supporting our employees as they re-enter society and strive to be productive members of our community.

2018 is going to be a good year for RecycleForce! We are initiating a new fundraising strategy, building new alliances, establishing new lines of business and we’re planning to increase the size of our workforce. That means we’ll be helping more people secure employment and learn new skills.

Of course, our plan requires funding, so I invite you to make a contribution to RecycleForce to close out 2017. Start 2018 off knowing you’ve supported an incredible organization that is not only reclaiming our environment – we are also changing lives.  

From the RecycleForce family, we wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season.

Doran Moreland, RecycleForce Board Chair