Tight Job Market Opens Doors for Ex-Offenders

An increasingly tight labor market has companies turning to a surprising subset of potential workers for help: former prison inmates. Once shunned as too risky to hire, men and women with criminal records are finding more open doors in business and industry. Read more from Indianapolis Business Journal here.


Who’s Building Circular Economies with Electronic Waste Recycling?

Tech companies like Apple are constantly designing and releasing new products for the market. These drive innovation at a huge cost to consumers and the environment – but one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Read more from Edgy Labs here.


Social Enterprise Stories

SEA’s storytelling initiative is all about individuals impacted by social enterprises across the United States, and how social enterprise can change lives. Read their spotlight on RecycleForce employee Rob Smith here.


Reducing Recidivism and Strengthening Families

With a laser focus on serving medium to high risk citizens returning from incarceration, RecycleForce provides life changing education, workforce training and employment services. Read more from Social Enterprise Alliance here.


5 Social Enterprises Overcoming Barriers to Employment

If you’ve been incarcerated, or you’re recovering from addiction, or you’re on the autism spectrum, finding a job can be hard. These five businesses are there to help. Read more from Conscious Company Media here.


From Recall to Recovery: Finding the Silver Lining in a Product Recall

We live in a throw-away culture. Society throws away electronics and it throws away people, too. At RecycleForce, we reclaim the value of recalled electronics and we help people reclaim the value of their own lives. Read more from Triple Pundit here.


How This Venture Has Impact Coming and Going

While some businesses seem to make profit both coming and going, RecycleForce seems to have impact both coming and going. Read more from Forbes here.


Recycling E-Waste with Workers Looking for a Second Chance

The recidivism rate of the ex-offenders it hires is 25 percent, compared to the national average of 76.6 percent. Indiana-based RecycleForce is taking e-waste from businesses, governments and some residents and processing them using the labor of former prisoners reentering the workforce. Read more from Waste360 here.


Grant Helps RecycleForce Fight Crime

An Indianapolis operation that uses recycling as a means to fight crime is getting a generous boost from an unusual social justice fund based in San Fransisco. Read more from IndyStar here.


Mayor Hogsett Touts Indy’s Re-Entry Program to Nation’s Mayors

It’s a problem all major cities have to grapple with: how to help ex-offender re-enter society and avoid a trip back to jail. On Friday, Indianapolis Major Joe Hogsett showed off a longtime local approach to mayors across the country. Read more from IndyStar here.


Gov. Holcomb Issues Executive Order to ‘Ban the Box’ in Indiana

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issued an executive order to exclude criminal history from executive branch employment job applications on Thursday. The executive order affects more than 1.12 million Hoosiers with some form of a criminal record, according to U.S. Justice Department data. Read more from IndyStar here.


Here are 5 Crazy Ways Recycling Heroes are Changing the Face of Indianapolis

People in Indianapolis are changing the face of the city by recycling old materials in cool, exciting, inspirational ways. Read more from IndyStar here.


Indianapolis Can’t ‘Ban the Box’ Anymore, But a New Policy Might Have the Same Effect

The box isn’t banned anymore. Not technically, at least. But if you run a company that wants to do business with Indianapolis and Marion County, it would be a very good idea for your to skip the box –  a term that refers to the space people check on job applications to indicate they have a criminal record. Read more from IndyStar here.


Landfill Usage and Its Impact on the Industry

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, waste material collection – specifically of refuse and recycling materials – is the fifth most dangerous job in the country, and incidents involving the transportation of waste are the cause of 40% of the injuries and fatalities. Read more from American Recycler here.


RecycleForce Can’t Lose

No, really. It can’t. Because if the nonprofit goes away, Marion County also loses its best hope for keeping ex-cons in work and off the street. But with grant money evaporating and commodities prices falling, the recycling company could be headed for the scrap heap. Read more from Indianapolis Monthly here.


Municipal Waste and the Benefits of Re-Use

When it comes to municipal solid waste, it wasn’t that long ago that cities focused almost entirely on disposal. Only in the last 25 years or so have they begun to embrace recycling and materials recovery. Read more from Governing here.


Indy Graffiti Removal Program Goes Beyond Beautifying Neighborhoods

A program aimed at removing graffiti is doing more than beautifying neighborhoods. Read more from WISH-TV here. 


Summer Graffiti-Removal Program Starts in Indianapolis

For the third year in a row, the Indy Public Safety Foundation, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indianapolis Fire Department are teaming up with community partners to remove graffiti from homes and business free of charge. Read more from WRTV here.


6 Traits of People Who Help Others Out of Prison Into Work

In a nation rife with social breakdown, it’s just not feasible to incarcerate all of our felons for life. Some attention must be given to rehabilitation. Read more from The Federalist here.


Indy Organization Receives Grant to Help Former Inmates

The U.S. Department of Labor is awarding $59 million in grants to organizations improving employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth and adults – including one in Indianapolis. RecycleForce in Indianapolis received a grant for more than $1.3 million. Read more from Indiana Public Media here.


Recycling Plant Offers Second Chance for Ex-Offenders

A major recycling operation on the city’s near east side is serving as a way back into the workforce for hundreds who have done time for crime. Read more from WTHR here.


Look for Graffiti to Start Disappearing, New Abatement Mobile Unit Launches in Indy

It’s hard to miss the graffiti covering homes and businesses in many areas of Indianapolis. A new mobile unit is rolling through the city, outfitted to clean it up. Read more from FOX-59 here.


Video: The Path After Prison

An in-depth look at re-employment and ex-offenders from research by Professor Christopher O.L.H. Porter at the Kelley School of Business. Watch here.


Video: Recycling Electronics and Recycling People

RecycleForce is a social enterprise aimed at reducing the rate of recidivism by recycling electronic waste. Watch here.


Video: The Weekly Special – WTIU

One of Indianapolis’ largest recycling centers, RecycleForce, processes over six million pounds of materials every year, renewing lives along the way. Watch here.