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Meet Hobart Woodfolk

Jan 22nd, 2016 • People, Success Stories

Before I was working here, I had a job but it was a dead-end job. It wasn’t making ends meet, it was paying for my child support. I told my case manager at re-entry court that I needed to find another job, so he referred me to RecycleForce, and it has helped me out a whole lot.

They’re genuine in helping people. As far as my child support issues, RecycleForce has helped me to get down to where I needed to be with payments, and they also helped me get my license back so now I’m able to drive to work. I also have visitation rights now with my kids. I have my forklift certification and my HVAC certification for refrigerant, which is a lifetime certification.

It’s been a good journey. It keeps me occupied and away from the things I used to do, staying away from the streets. They’re really helpful teaching me to be a people person; I’ve opened up and it helped me grow as far as being a better person. I’ve been here for four years. I went from a team lead on “The Beast” to being a supervisor of it. I run The Beast and have anywhere from four to six people that I supervise and watch over their safety. Our crime rate in Indianapolis is really high.

RecycleForce not only recycles trash but they recycle lives. They’ve recycled mine.